Development Team
By locking the distribution of most tokens, the game development team, the community, and investors are aligned with consistent goals.
The core development team of Fantasy of the Three Kingdoms is a fast-growing multinational organization with more than 80 employees, most of them coming from leading game developers such as SEGA, Koei Tecmo Games, Nexon, Sony, Ubisoft, etc.

Team Member

Gabe Salgado · CEO
Gabe has well over a decade of hands-on experience in web application development and IT management. He currently serves as Partner for Innovation at Ignite Innovators, a Seoul-based startup accelerator. In addition to his role at Ignite, Gabe continues to develop web applications as a freelancer. Since 2013, Gabe has been a highly active and well connected member of the Seoul startup community.
From 2018 to 2019, Gabe served as Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Biock, a Korean company that combines Blockchain with biotech to create a patient-centered biomedical data ecosystem During his time at Biock, Gabe contributed to the invention of a patented program for creating a biomedical records database and is registered as a co-inventor. He led the development of the company’s initial product: a desktop application and web-based service for clinical trial management (EDC).
Gabe is also CEO and Co-founder of Tourbrat, a Korean company which develops an event planning and ticketing platform. Tourbrat resided at Seoul Global Startup Center, a Seoul city government-funded incubator, where his fellow entrepreneurs elected him to represent the resident companies on the Resident Advisory Board.
From 2013 until 2015, Gabe developed the world’s first crowdfunding platform for K-pop concerts. Five North American concerts were successfully crowdfunded using the web application during his time there.
Gabe was owner of Machinimart, an American LLC from 2010 until 2013. Machinimart was a third party web development company. At Machinimart, he oversaw the development of educational online games and web applications. He developed products for schools and hospitals in the United States, Turkey and Israel.
From 2007 until 2010, Gabe was Chief Technology Officer at Timeless Cities, Inc, an American/Israeli stock corporation based in Silicon Valley. At Timeless Cities, Gabe oversaw the development of an online virtual world consisting of 3D renditions of historical locations such as Jerusalem and Krakow where users could explore the digital environments with fully customizable avatars.
W. Jongho · CMO
Jongho is currently the blockchain consulting and marketing company Founder and the CMO of Fantasy3k.
He first entered the blockchain sector over 5 years ago when he created his blockchain consulting and marketing company. He managed marketing campaigns, and lead business development teams for over 40 projects. He currently As well as additional blockchain-related advisory positions in the Japanese entertainment industry.
Michael · CTO
The head of the R&D team, managing the R&D team of 21 people. 8 years of working experience, 5 years of deep cultivation in the blockchain industry. Once led the R&D and operation of two exchanges and took charge of the R&D of a public chain. Before that, worked for a well-known Nasdaq-listed company as head of operations.
Richard · CDO
The planning team leader, managing the planning team of 6 people. With 6 years of experience in game planning. Once worked in a game company listed on NASDAQ and led his team to successfully produce two world-class games, with monthly turnover of each game exceeding $100 million.
Steven · CAO
Design team leader, managing the 10-member design team. With 9 years of experience as an original artist. Once served as the chief graphic designer of a listed company. Famous for exquisite and beautiful design style.
Peter · Advisor
Responsible person of blockchain technology, independently leading a team. Specializing in blockchain technology, he has served as a technical consultant for dozens of exchanges and participated in the design of more than ten main chain projects. Especially proficient in wallet security design.
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