Game of Dynasty Evolution

The land of Fantasy Three Kingdoms is divided into 14 administrative states and many cities, including the capital "Luoyang". We will gradually unlock the land according to the development of the game.
  • The first player to occupy "Luoyang" will become the emperor.
  • The emperor can assign state rulers to each administrative state.
  • The emperor can also issue tax, welfare, military and other policies for each state.
Unlike other games, the evolution process will be reset according to the development of the game settings. We have chosen a more "open world" multiverse approach. The evolution timeline of the fantasy continent will be a continuous and irreversible timeline. This means that the development of the dynasty in the game will be determined by each game participant. Just as in human history, a wise emperor will make outstanding contributions to his domain in politics, economy, technology, and culture. A mediocre emperor will only intensify conflicts with other players. When the conflicts intensify, war becomes the best choice for the next emperor. Fantasy of the Three Kingdoms will be the first blockchain game where players determine the course of history.