In Fantasy of the Three Kingdoms, you can recruit well-known Generals from the Three Kingdoms period, and dispatch them to battles or garrison them in buildings.
Generals are divided into UR, SSR, SR, and R based on their rarity. According to history, they are also divided into 4 factions: Wei, Shu, Wu, and Warlords.

General Level

Generals can join battles to earn EXP. When they have obtained the required amount of EXP, generals can upgrade to increase their attributes and maximum number of soldiers carried. Generals are entitled to exclusive attributes after each level-up.

Star Level

Star Level is an important ranking that reflects a hero’s ability to level up, defining an upper limit. The higher the star, the higher the level that the General can upgrade. Upgrade a hero’s Star Level by consuming hero cards of the same name!

General Attributes

Each general has 6 attributes:
  • Force: Affects the General’s physical damage.
  • Intelligence: Affects the General’s strategic output and defensive ability.
  • Command: Affect the General’s physical defense.
  • Speed: Affect the General’s order of actions in battle.
  • Politics: Influences the bonus effect of celebrities appointed in resource buildings.
  • Charm: Influencing the bonus effect of celebrities appointed in gameplay buildings.

General Skills

Each General has 3 skills. Upgrade skills to deal more damage, and get better effects. The General’s skills are triggered in battle. Upgrading skills increases opportunities to unlock skills or the power of the skill.


Bonds are ties that boost attributes based on owning specific groups of Generals. Once all the Generals assigned are from a certain group, the bond effect is activated.
  • Battle attribute buffs granted in combat
  • Extra resource yield granted when garrisoning

Troop Types

In-game troops are divided into Cavalry, Shieldman, Archer, Spearman, War Machine.
Each General is suitable for different troop types. The effect level is divided into S, A, B, and C in descending order. The higher the effect level, the higher the General’s attributes in combat!
Each troop type is particularly effective against specific other types. For example, Cavalry are effective against Shieldmen. Shieldmen are effective against Archers. Archers are effective against Spearmen. Spearmen are effective against Cavalry. When attacking buildings, War Machines are able to cause additional damage.


There are 7 formations in the game, including Heaven Force, Earth Force, Dragon Stance, Tiger Stance, Hover Stance, Storm Force, and Snake Stance.
  • Heaven Force: Increases Attack for all Generals
  • Earth Force: Increases Defense for all Generals
  • Dragon Stance: Increases Speed for all Generals
  • Tiger Stance: Increases Cavalry Attack
  • Hover Stance: Increases Shieldman Attack
  • Storm Force: Increases Archer Attack
  • Snake Stance: Increases Spearman Attack
Before a battle starts, arrange your formation to make it effective in combat. Consume formation shards to strengthen the effects.

General Recruitment

In Fantasy of the Three Kingdoms, you can buy General cards from the game officials or other players. In addition, you can recruit Generals from the card pool, which is refreshed at regular intervals. Once recruited, all Generals can be traded.