Land and Buildings

There are 2,250,000 parcels of NFT-backed land in the Fantasy of the Three Kingdoms universe. These parcels are miniature recreations of real locations in the world of the Three Kingdoms as they were over 2000 years ago, giving you, the player, the opportunity to re-write your own history on the same land of the Three Kingdoms.
When you occupy a parcel of land, you can dispatch your generals to garrison and collect taxes at regular intervals. The tax rate is related with the garrison general’s rarity and Star Level.
In addition, you can attack other players’ capitals and territories. If you succeed, you can collect taxes for a certain period of time.
In order to realistically restore the world of the Three Kingdoms and improve the map performance, the land has been divided into the following five types:
  • Checkpoint: You can construct military buildings such as Arrow Towers, Barracks, and Caltrops.
  • Flatlands: You can construct functional buildings such as Markets, Ballads Office, and Quirk of Fate.
  • Estuary: You can construct resource buildings such as Docks, Shipyards, and Fishing Grounds.
  • Forest: You can construct resource buildings such as Lumber Mills and Plantations.
  • Hills You can construct resource buildings such as Pits and Iron Mines.
Each building yields different resources and has different functions. Construct a building to directly increase your tax revenue. These game settings lay a foundation for expanding and enriching game content.
Along with the development of the entire Fantasy of the Three Kingdoms universe, you’ll trigger a series of historical events, such as the Yellow Turban Rebellion, Barbarians’ Invasion, Troublesome Roving Bandits, Battle of Wuchao, Battle of Guandu, and Battle of Red Cliffs. Everyone in the universe will be affected by these major events. However, there are often opportunities hidden in crises. Will you succeed at discovering and seizing the opportunities, or not? We shall see...
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