In the history of the Three Kingdoms, mounts were as famous as their owners, such as Red Hare and Dilu (Hex Mark). In Fantasy of the Three Kingdoms, you have a chance to get famous mounts like Red Hare and Dilu. What’s more, you are allowed to breed more mounts for your Generals. Mounts can be traded like other in-game NFTs.

Mount Attributes

The initial attributes of the mount are determined by the breed. The higher the rarity, the higher the initial attributes. During breeding, if both parents are of the same breed, the offspring must be the same breed as the parents; if they are not the same breed, the offspring's breed is determined randomly based on one of its parents.


Stunt effects will be stacked to strengthen Generals after a mount is assigned.
A mount inherits stunts from its parents too. The chance to inherit a stunt is determined by the stunt level. The higher the stunt level, the smaller the chance!
Common Stunts
Advanced Stunts
Super Stunts

Mount Breeding

Like the real world, mounts can breed new offspring, which randomly inherit aptitudes and stunts based on their parents' characteristics. In order to limit the number of mounts in game, we’ve set the maximum number of offspring a mount can breed. A mount that reaches the maximum will be eliminated automatically.