Brief Introduction

At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the Han central government was weakening internally. The power of the landowners had become a long-standing problem. The court eunuchs in particular had gained considerable influence over the emperor, which they abused to enrich themselves. Ordinary people had nothing to rely on to make a living. The uprising of the Yellow Turbans had broken out against the Eastern Han Dynasty. When suppressing the rebellion, warlords took the opportunity to expand their territories and contend for hegemony…
Have you ever imagined if you had been Cao Cao, would Zhuge Liang have been able to cheat you out of arrows through thatched boats? If you were Guan Yu, would you still have been defeated in Maicheng? If you were Lü Bu, what would have happened to Diao Chan?
Welcome to join Fantasy of the Three Kingdoms, a fantastic game combining the history of the Three Kingdoms with the latest blockchain technology. You’ll act as a Lord in troubled times, seeking hegemony over other players from all the worlds of our planet. Through blockchain, all of your in-game properties, including generals, equipment, mounts and land will be minted as NFTs, which can be traded and exchanged for other tokens in the market.
A NFT, or non-fungible token, is a unit of data stored on blockchain which can be sold and traded. NFTs are verifiable unique entities that are not mutually interchangeable, hence not fungible. The most common NFT (ERC-721) is built on the Ethereum network. At present, one of the main problems faced by NFT projects is the cost of executing transactions on the Ethereum network. Since the number of transactions that Ethereum can process is limited, users on the network have have been willing to increase gas prices to ensure that their transactions are settled quickly. At the time of writing, the average cost of transferring NFTs is $15, and as a result the transaction volume of NFTs has dropped significantly. Fantasy Three Kingdoms has developed a sidechain based on Ethereum - Fantasy Chain, which performs independently from Ethereum. It has a fast TPS, and it only takes 3 seconds per transaction on average to meet the needs of our future NFT market. The transaction fee of Fantasy chain is almost zero, which is in sharp contrast to the high gas fee of Ethereum.
It’s hard to find a Three Kingdoms themed role-playing trading card game with top-quality artwork and graphics design in the current market. The combination of the Three Kingdoms’ history narrated through online games and the blockchain will be extremely attractive to people who are interested in cryptocurrency, players who are fans of Three Kingdoms themed games, and geeks who are curious about blockchain technology. In addition to the profound game experience, Fantasy of the Three Kingdoms has a sophisticated, practical, and rare NFT called FTKS (an ERC-20 governance token), which increases players’ dedication to the game and ensures the stability of the underlying NFT resources and the token pool. This new model of gaming has been dubbed "play-to-earn". Players can make a profit while enjoying the fun of the game.