Core Mechanism

The core mechanisms of Fantasy of the Three Kingdoms are Battle, Development, and Making Money.
Since the inception of NFT games, their most common format has proven to be both boring and impractical. You buy and own digital assets, hoping and waiting for them to appreciate in value. You are allowed to purchase NFTs and play with them in some games. These are definite improvements, but we are still looking forward to more diverse experiences. There must be a way to establish an emotional connection between players and their collections. We are not the only ones who have identified the shortcomings and the opportunities that follow. We hope that we can provide the most unique and original solution: an emotional experience that makes you feel important and useful when you fight, develop, and make money in games.
In Fantasy of the Three Kingdoms, you’ll encounter enemy forces of every description when you power up. Battles are unavoidable. Therefore, the development of in-game generals becomes the key to victory in combat. Boost up your generals through training, wearing higher-level equipment, and assigning mounts. Your digital assets will appreciate in value during the boost. These are the primary ways you will make money through in-game behaviors.