Scholarship Platform

In Fantasy of the Three Kingdoms, you need 3 Generals to form a team. We foresee that many players who are interested in our game may not be able to enjoy the fun because they don’t have enough Generals. Others who have already owned many Generals can’t earn Golden Coins(GC) either, because they are forbidden to own multiple accounts. We’ve identified a practical solution to satisfy both sides, in the form of the Scholarship Platform.
  • Players who own spare Generals can issue them on the platform.
  • Scholars can apply for these Generals on the platform.
  • After an agreement is signed, the income will be distributed according to the agreed percentage.
  • Scholars experience the game with Generals obtained and start making money.
  • The platform distributes the income to issuers and scholars based on the agreement.
If you are ambitious but you don't want to spend money on the rookie formation, or if you can’t afford initial Generals, you can apply to become a scholar.
If you are an experienced player and you own a large number of spare Generals, you can issue them on the Scholarship platform and help scholars to participate in the game. After this, you can earn passive income.
After creating the Scholarship platform, we’re looking forward to a new sustainable and stable game ecology, in which spare resources will be used well and players can earn money through through their efforts. It is expected that this mechanism of integrating resources and labor through blockchain contracts will change the world, profoundly changing the combination and operation of the existing society through the integration of virtual and reality, and infusing new vitality to the real economy from the virtual dimension.
Last modified 1yr ago