Blockchain and Storage

Blockchain technology has been widely used in the field of cryptocurrency since its first appearance in 2009, and DeFi applications deployed on the blockchain bring even more vitality to the blockchain world. The Fantasy of the Three Kingdoms game and related transactions will be built on the blockchain, making it even more unique.

What is the Sidechain?

The sidechain protocol is essentially a cross-blockchain solution. Through this solution, digital assets can be transferred from the first blockchain (main chain) to the second blockchain (sidechain), and can be safely returned from the sidechain to the main chain.

Main Chain of the Game - Fantasy Chain

Fantasy Chain is a sidechain developed based on Ethereum. Ethereum has the richest ecosystem in the cryptocurrency world and the most widely used EVM technology, which is convenient for developers to develop applications based on it. Our future Cross-chain bridge and NFT trading market will be applied on Fantasy Chain.

Sidechain Consensus and Performance

Fantasy Chain adopts the consensus mechanism of POA. For security reasons, the development team will select some CEX, DEX, and NFT projects as partners, and deploy verification nodes as network validators.
Fantasy Chain has performes independently from Ethereum. It has a much faster TPS, only taking 3 seconds per transaction on average to meet the needs of our future NFT market. The transaction fee of Fantasy's chain is almost 0, which is in sharp contrast to the high gas fees of Ethereum.

Blockchain Explorer

A blockchain explorer for Fantasy Chain will be deployed, including functions to search for blocks, transaction details and addresses, and to verify contracts.

Sidechain Ecosystem

The official core team sincerely hopes that more players, developers, and project teams will join Fantasy Chain. The GameFi world is still in its early stages, and more chain games will appear in the future. We expect Fantasy Chain to become the first main chain in the GameFi world.
When the game is launched, we will continuously hold hackathons with generous prizes, including but not limited to GC, FTKS, and NFT, with the goal of incentivizing developers interested in building a game ecosystem with us.