Cross-chain Bridge

  • Validator: When a deposit occurs on the Ethereum main chain, each validator node will receive it and forward it to Fantasy Chain by sending a transaction. These operations will be relayed to the Sidechain Validator. When there are enough confirmations, the transaction will be confirmed on Fantasy Chain.
  • Deposit: Users can deposit ETH, ERC20, ERC721 by sending a transaction to the main chain gateway contract, and waiting for the deposit to be verified on the Fantasy Chain. Before the deposit is completed, the gateway will establish a mapping relationship between Ethereum and the token contract on Fantasy Chain.
  • Withdrawal: There will be a token mapping between Fantasy Chain and Ethereum for users to withdraw tokens. When the user withdraws from Fantasy Chain to Ethereum, the transaction will be sent to the validator for verification, and a signature will be provided to indicate that the withdrawal is sent. When enough signatures are collected, users can claim them on Ethereum.