The development team of Fantasy of the Three Kingdoms has rich experience in blockchain and smart contract to ensure the security of all transactions and avoid external attacks. Our smart contract will be audited before release, and the smart contract will be thoroughly reviewed for loopholes in the early stage of release. In terms of the sidechain, we have more than sufficient verification nodes to avoid third-party attacks. In order to better guarantee the security of Fantasy Chain, more verification nodes are welcome to join.
Players will have a variety of verification methods to log in to the game, including but not limited to email verification and Google authenticator.
Two-factor authentication (2FA): Use encrypted signatures on multi-signature wallets to identify transactions on the client and server at the same time. The server verifies the validity of 2FA, and protects your assets on the sidechain. If there is any problem with the server, players can obtain assets through the wallet key and the 2FA server key.