Technology Architecture

The architecture of Fantasy of the Three Kingdoms consists of several components.
The application is developed using Unity engine, and the underlying blockchain is built on the basis of Fantasy Chain. The cross-chain bridge is responsible for ensuring the security of user assets and providing convenient and fast cross-chain services. AWS acts as a cloud service provider to ensure the stability of the game and blockchain nodes.
  • The game client includes browser, desktop and mobile application access, where players can log in.
  • Players can use wallets that support the Web3 protocol such as Metamask on the trading platform.
  • The block explorer is the infrastructure of Fantasy Chain to facilitate players to view transactions.
  • GC and FTKS are deployed on the smart contract. NFT runs on Ethereum and Fantasy Chain.
  • All NFT image resources are stored on IPFS.
  • User information, Explorer data, cross-chain bridge verification information, etc. are stored in the backend.