Tokens and NFT

The two tokens we issued, GC and FTKS, both use the basic ERC-20 protocol. In the future, more advanced usage may be added to make the tokens more flexible.

ERC-3664 Protocol Standard

The characteristics of the ERC-3664 protocol determine that it will become the next-generation NFT component standard. This makes up for the problem that ERC-721 and ERC-1155 can only support the unchangeable attributes of the NFT. Component-NFT brings five characteristics to the attributes of NFT: Transferable, Upgradeable, Variable, Composable and Evolvable. Users can create any valuable Dapp based on the component NFT standard by using it.

Use of NFT Protocol

As the earliest NFT protocol, ERC721 is now widely used by most NFTs. Due to the diversity of gameplay, scenes and props in Fantasy of the Three Kingdoms, ERC-721 cannot meet the needs of the game, so our NFT is likely to adopt the ERC-3664 protocol.
Fantasy of the Three Kingdoms supports upgrading and strengthening regardless of Generals, mounts, equipment or lands NFT. The technology behind it comes from ERC-3664, which will maximize the decentralization of the game. Any upgrade or strengthening will change the attributes of the NFT you hold, and you can resell the newly generated NFT at any time. When upgrading reaches a certain level and the appearance changes, the image resources of NFT will also be updated and synchronized to IPFS to ensure that players can prove that their NFT is the original version and cannot be tampered with. On some platforms that support the NFT protocol, players can verify the NFT they hold as their avatar to show the powerful General you own.