Governance Token: Fantasy Three Kingdoms Shards (FTKS)

FTKS Introduction

Fantasy Three Kingdoms Shards (FTKS) is the ERC-20 governance token of the Fantasy Three Kingdoms metaverse. In the real world, it contributes towards a DAO that will impact the core team within two years.

In-game Rights

The first is the revenue rights. When the alliance formed by players rules an area, players can stake FTKS and share the tax income in the area according to the proportion of their staking.
Staking FTKS also allows players to have management rights. Players who meet the requirements can make governance proposals and vote. The more FTKS you staked, the more voting power you will have. In extreme cases, there will be a dictatorship, but this also means that players who are dissatisfied with the dictatorship will leave.

Real World Rights

In order to achieve decentralized governance, a fully decentralized DAO will be established within 2 years. After the core team has successfully operated the game for 2 years, the DAO community of FTKS will take over the governance and revenue rights of the game from the core team.
The DAO will vote on every proposal to change the operating rules of the Fantasy Three Kingdom's metaverse. These include, but are not limited to, the formulation of rules in the game, use of the ecosystem's funds, new gameplay expansion, and so on.
The total supply of FTKS is 200,000,000, including real world (65%) and in-game (35%).
Real World
5% will be used for Strategic, 6% will be used for Private, 0.5% will be issued via Public, 20% will go to Team and Advisor, 10% will be held by the Ecosystem Foundation, 35% will go to Staking Rewards, 5% will go to Community Fund, 10% will go to Liquidity, 8.5% will go to Reserve. The above FTKS will be linearly released within five years. When the game is launched, the circulation of FTKS only accounts for 0.149% (298,000 FTKS) of the total supply.
The remaining FTKS can only be generated through in-game GC staking. Players can freely choose whether to stake their GC to obtain FTKS. It should be noted that the staking function will lock GC for a period of time, during which it can't be used for other purposes in the game.
FTKS is a governance token, which means that players will have the opportunity to become game managers and participate in the formulation of game rules after obtaining a defined minimum amount of FTKS. The FTKS generated by the staking will be adjusted according to the total staking, and will be issued to the user's account on a daily basis.
Total Supply
Lock-up Period
Unlock Plan
22 months
4% at TGE, then over 22 months.
18 months
6% at TGE, then over 18 months.
5 months
33% at TGE, than over 5 months
Staking Reward
59 months
1.7% at TGE, than over 59 months
Ecosystem Fund
59 months
1.7% at TGE, than over 59 months
Team and Advisor
40 months
1% at 13 months, than over 40 months
Community Fund
49 months
Some unlocked, some locked
49 months
Some unlocked, some locked