In-game Currency: Golden Coin (GC)

Golden Coin (GC) is the currency in circulation in the metaverse of Fantasy Three Kingdoms and is used in for various purposes, such as:
  • Forging various equipment
  • Breeding rare mounts
  • Upgrading land and buildings
  • Upgrading skills of generals
  • Exchanging rare resources

GC Issuance

Golden Coin is the main currency used throughout the game. In the initial Genesis period, the team will issue Genesis GC, with a circulation of GC 12 million. After that, all GC can only be generated through in-game activities. The core team of Fantasy Three Kingdoms will not hold GC.

GC Package

Before the game is officially launched, Genesis GC will be sold in the form of GC Package (divided into small package and big package). Players can log in once every 24 hours to unlock a certain amount of GC.
Total GC per Package
Daily GC Release
Valid Period (days)
Total Inventory (pieces)
GC Average Price (ETH)
Package Price (ETH)
Small Package
Big Package
All funds raised from GC Package will enter the DeFi liquidity pool for long-term liquidity management. The Fantasy Three Kingdoms team hopes to identify an initial group of players who are optimistic about the game and likely to commit to active participation on a long-term basis. After these players purchase the GC Package, they are entitled to receive a certain amount of GC every day for the next 300 days.

In-game Generation

The remaining GC is mainly generated by in-game activities.
  • Resource reward: In the game, players can collect original resources on the map, and each original resource produced will give the player a corresponding GC reward.
  • PVE reward: PVE is the main method for players to develop their own Fantasy Three Kingdoms world. Expanding your power, producing equipment, and breeding mounts will all generate GC reward.
  • PVP reward: The winners and losers of PVP battles will receive different shares of GC reward.
  • Seasonal Tournament: Each season lasts for 3 months, and each alliance will enter the real Three Kingdoms battlefield to participate in the battle for hegemony. The winning alliance will get a generous GC reward.

Inflation Mechanism

Since GC adopts a Genesis mechanism of "start from scratch", the initial GC will maintain a relatively high inflation. The inflation stems mainly from the daily output of games and the release of GC Package. As the game economy continues to expand, inflation will gradually decrease, especially when the GC Package is fully released one year later.
The output ceiling of GC is determined by the prosperity of the Fantasy Three Kingdoms world, and the actual inflation rate is difficult to predict. In order to make the inflation curve smoother, through our dynamic economic mechanism, the GC output of the game will not deviate from the normal range. In the long run, the inflation target estimated by the system after five years will be 5%~10% per year.