NFT Plan

NFT Issuance

The first round of the General NFTs sale will start before the game is launched. In addition, the team will also issue a series of limited equipment and mounts. Participants can register in advance at any time to participate in the lottery event.
After the game is launched, the core team will continue to release a variety of new NFTs based on market demand. The team will fully consider factors such as the needs of new players for NFT, the growth of users, the application value of NFT, and deflation caused by NFT damage.

NFT Market

Fantasy Market Place will be launched by the official development team. It aims to provide players with a fantastic NFT trading market where generals, equipment, mounts, lands and other assets can be freely traded. The first official NFT sale will also take place here. Sellers can either sell at a limited price or start in auction mode. Meanwhile, buyers can choose to settle immediately for the price limit, or place bid offers accordingly.
Job listings for the purpose of in-game recruitment for in-game tasks and leasing information may also be posted on Fantasy Market Place. Players can recruit others to join their alliance or rent out their NFTs.

NFT Destruction Mechanism

When engaging in high risk activities, NFT assets inevitably suffer a durability loss or permanent destruction. This feature is mainly applicable to mounts, equipment and generals. The result of this mechanism is a natural deflation when more users are entering high-return modes.
  • Mounts NFT can be bred for 5 generations, at which time they will automatically die.
  • Equipment NFT has durability. Although the durability can be repaired by investing in GC, if the durability reaches 0 while still in use, the equipment will disappear forever.
  • There is a certain probability that enhancement materials NFT will be lost when enhancing equipment. The higher the enhancement level, the higher the probability of loss.
  • There is a certain probability that upgrade materials NFT will be lost when increasing the star level of generals. The higher the general star level, the higher the probability of loss. Only resource NFT are lost, general NFT are not lost.