Revenue Distribution and Token Liquidity Management

Revenue Summary

The revenue of Fantasy Three Kingdoms is divided into in-game revenue and real-world revenue. In-game revenue comes first and foremost from the generation and consumption of GC.
  • For every GC output, 1% (0.01GC) will be charged in the revenue.
  • All the GC consumption in the game will be included in the revenue.
  • In-game transactions using GC tokens will generate 4.5% of fee for revenue.
Real world revenue refers to the fees for NFT secondary market transactions on the Fantasy Market.

Revenue Distribution

The revenue of GC tokens will be stored in a specific address. The distribution structure is as follows:
  • 25% goes to the AMM liquidity management pool.
  • 7.5% goes to the core team.
  • 7.5% goes to FTKS staking players.
  • 60% will be burned.
The revenue distribution rules of Fantasy Market Place:
  • 75% goes to Moontrek.
  • 25% goes to the FTKS/ETH AMM liquidity management pool.

Liquidity Management

In addition to the revenue distributed to the liquidity pool, all GC Package sales will be added to the GC/ETH liquidity pool, thereby ensuring that players can freely exchange GC and FTKS at any time (especially in the early stage).
The official core team will continuously bring long-term capital to our liquidity pool on DEX. However, there would be no guaranteed profit for investors. We believe that the prosperity of the game's ecosystem will reflect well on our token's market performance.